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Our surveillance services protect more than just your property and assets. It also provides real-time visibility of operational productivity in your workplace at any time, from anywhere.

We offers dedicated n-premises and remote command centers with professionals who monitor your property round the clock to mitigate the occurrence of unwanted events. From video surveillance to two-way audio systems, we ensure crimes are deterred and inform the police or fire departments in case of any crime or calamity.

01Existing Surveillance

Provide us access to your existing surveillance monitoring system.

02 Robust Surveillance

We will provide you our robust surveillance monitoring platform.

Why does your business need e-surveillance monitoring?

Eliminates External Threats

Video surveillance will save your premises from break-ins, robberies, or vandalism. The operators monitoring from the command center can quickly anticipate these events and warn the intruders to stay away from your property.

Monitor Employee Productivity

In large enterprises where thousands of employees work in different shifts, operators can monitor workers in real-time through video surveillance. If they find any employee is spending too much time in the corridor or canteen and skipping work, they can notify the employees to get back to work immediately.

Prevent Internal Theft

Although you trust your employees, you still cannot ignore the possibility of theft in your office or factory. With e-surveillance monitoring, operators from the command center can intercept and prevent these events from happening. You can catch them red-handed rather than searching for video footage and going to the cops to investigate the theft.

Improve Operational Efficiency

The real-time visibility to operators contributes to the smooth functioning of business operations. Live video surveillance can eliminate supply chain disruptions in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, etc. With e-surveillance monitoring, operators can anticipate and get rid of many roadblocks even before they occur.

Gain Business Intelligence

Around-the-clock video surveillance provides valuable insights into the highs and lows of customer traffic in retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. With this actionable data, you can optimize your workforce and make a roster accordingly to ensure no customer remains unattended.

How can Goldensprucemartech help?

Live 24x7 Monitoring

With our managed services team watching out for you 24×7, you need not worry about the safety and security of your premises. If we detect any suspicious activity, we instantly warn the trespassers with a pre-set audio announcement forcing them to flee.

Virtual Quick Response Team

Suppose a fire breaks out or a crime is taking place while you are away. In that case, civic/civil local authorities are alerted at every event-based trigger to safeguard your property from any undesired situations.

Remote Surveillance

Our managed services team can easily monitor your business premises and operations, whether located in a dockside warehouse or a high-rise commercial building anywhere across the country. With keeping your property safe, remote e-surveillance monitoring empowers enterprises to carry out business compliance and SOP checks remotely.